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Tired of cringing with every sip of something cold or hot?

If you experience pain or discomfort while eating or drinking, it may be due to tooth sensitivity. At neighbor dental, we provide relief so you can enjoy your favorite foods and beverages without worry. Contact us today at (301) 498-5320 and let our Laurel sensitive teeth dentists help you find effective solutions for lasting comfort.

Tooth sensitivity is often caused by

  • Exposed tooth roots due to gum recession
  • Enamel erosion from acidic foods or drinks
  • Tooth decay or cavities
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism) or clenching

Preventing Sensitive Teeth

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle brushing technique to avoid enamel wear.
  • Limit consumption of acidic foods and beverages that can erode tooth enamel.
  • Wear a mouthguard at night if you grind or clench your teeth.
  • Maintain regular dental visits for professional cleanings and to address any dental issues contributing to sensitivity.

Solutions for tooth sensitivity

Fluoride Treatments

Benefit from fluoride gels to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity.

Learn About Fluoride Treatments

Dental Sealants

Consider dental sealants to protect sensitive areas and prevent exposure to stimuli that trigger sharp pain.

Learn About Dental Sealants

Gum Therapy

Address gum recession and protect exposed tooth roots, reducing discomfort.

Learn About Gum Therapy

Root Canal

In cases where tooth sensitivity is due to severe decay or infection reaching the tooth pulp, a root canal may be recommended to alleviate pain and save the tooth.

Learn About Root Canals

Dental Crowns

Placing a dental crown over a sensitive tooth can protect and strengthen the tooth.

Learn About Dental Crowns

Dental Bonding

Address enamel erosion or tooth decay with dental bonding, restoring tooth structure and reducing sensitivity.

Learn About Dental Bonding

New to neighbor dental? Get a personalized diagnosis for $99

Tackle your sensitive teeth with our special offer for new patients:

  • Comprehensive evaluation to assess your tooth sensitivity and oral health
  • X-rays, including a complete bite series if required
  • Personalized treatment recommendations tailored to address your concerns


Can tooth sensitivity be prevented?

Yes, this issue can often be prevented or managed by practicing good oral hygiene, avoiding acidic foods and drinks, and addressing dental issues promptly.

Are there lifestyle changes I can make to reduce tooth sensitivity?

Making changes such as reducing consumption of acidic foods and beverages, quitting smoking, and managing teeth grinding can help reduce sensitivity and protect your dental health.

Can tooth sensitivity be a sign of a more serious dental problem?

Yes, tooth sensitivity can sometimes indicate underlying dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, or cracked teeth. It’s important to consult with Dr. Morgan and Dr. Hubbard for proper diagnosis and treatment.

How soon can I expect relief from tooth sensitivity treatments?

The timing can vary based on individual factors. We’ll provide guidance on when to expect improvements based on your specific treatment plan.

Elevate your dental experience

At neighbor dental, your well-being is our priority:

  • Indulge in the comfort of weighted blankets and massage chairs.
  • Opt for our sedation options to enhance relaxation during procedures.
  • Personalize your visit by enjoying your favorite music for a stress-free experience.

Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Morgan are dedicated to ensuring your comfort during your dental journey. Schedule your visit today for a personalized and relaxing dental experience!

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