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Dental Cleanings in Laurel, MD

Here at Neighbor Dental, our team of incredible dental professionals will take care of your gingival health. Starting with a comprehensive evaluation from our dentists, including our periodontal specialist, Dr. Glynn, to our amazing dental hygienists, you will leave having a complete understanding of your oral health. Dental cleanings should take place at least every 6 months, so that we can ensure you are in optimal health. The staff at neighbor dental will always ensure that you are comfortable and will engage you in collaborative discussion to create a customized treatment plan. These visits will include an oral cancer screening, full assessment of your x-rays and oral cavity, and a cleaning that will have you feeling refreshed and free of bacterial plaque and tartar (and all those coffee stains!). Plaque is a soft film of bacteria that forms after the bacteria in our mouths is mixed with food. Within a short span of 48 hours, if it is not thoroughly removed, it will turn into a hard bacterial formation referred to as tartar/calculus. If plaque and tartar are not removed, gum disease can result and cause other problems with the teeth. Once you learn about the health of your gums, we will discuss your lifestyle, recommend the best home care routine that suits your specific needs, and decide the best recare frequency each year. We recommend our patients who have gum disease return for care every 3 - 4 months to ensure bacterial build up is kept at a minimum. We have found that with this regiment, many of our patients are happier, healthier, and keep their gum disease stable!

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